Engineering Services


Infoserve India provides professional high-end turnkey engineering design solutions for your manufacturing projects. Whatever the scale of your project, Infoserve India has customised solutions to enable smooth, quick and cost effective design support for your manufacturing project.



Infoserve India is an expert in all 3D Scanning jobs. Infoserve India uses Structured White Light Scanning technique to generate fast and accurate 3D Scans for Mechanical, Automotive, Aerospace, Marine and Manufacturing applications. Some of the strengths of our scanning technique are:


  • Portable Machine - Offering on-site 3D Scanning
  • Automatic and Accurate Photogrammetry Data Alignment
  • 360 Degrees Scanning
  • Fast and Accurate 3D Scanning with a typical accuracy of +/-0.035mm



As computer-aided design (CAD) has become more popular, reverse engineering has become a viable method to create a 3D virtual model of an existing physical part for use in 3D CAD, CAM, CAE or other software. The reverse-engineering process involves 3D scanning an object and then reconstructing it as a 3D model.


Infoserve India provides professional reverse engineering services to match your exact requirement.


3D scanning enables generation of digital data of components & assemblies quickly and in high accuray thereby enabling comprehensive reporting on the quality of as-built parts for first-article and production inspection, and supplier management.



Infoserve India's quality reporting service provide manufacturers to perform fast, accurate, graphical comparisons between digital reference models and scans of as-built parts for first-article
inspection, production inspection and supplier quality management. This service allows manufacturers to rapidly increase product and manufacturing quality, rapidly identify process issues, and build productivity.



Infoserve India is a leading provider of automotive rendering services to Automotive Designers, OEMs & Automotive Design Studios worldwide.


We provide redering services of automotive exterior surfaces & interiors from 3D Scans (Stereolithography Data) & NURBS Surfaces.



Infoserve India is a leading service provider in the field of development of engineering drawings for manufacturing, layouts, assembly, process drawings & inspection.Highly skilled draftsmen with multiple years experience in manufacturing sector provide for development of engineering drawings with full engineering details like, dimensional tolerances, machining tolerances, geometric tolerances, drawings with datum reference, assembly drawings with BOMs and assembly sequences etc.


Infoserve India has high expertise in the preperation of drawings in AutoCAD, Solid Edge & NX for:


  • Castings (Casting Drawing & Machining Drawing)
  • Sheetmetal Fabrication Drawings
  • Tubular Components Drawings (for CNC Pipe Bending)
  • Boundary Drawings for wirecut operations
  • Manufacturing Drawings
  • Assembly Drawings
  • Inspection Drawings
  • Layout drawings