Internet Monitoring System

Internet Monitoring


Today, Internet, e-mail, instant messaging and IP Telephony have put a whole new world of communication at our fingertips. 


However, with the Internet fast becoming a breeding ground for criminal activity these ingenious and sophisticated technologies are often used to promote crime, violence and terror, which compromise the values of human society and it has become important to monitor such communications.


In order to combat this menace, Infoserve India has indigenously developed a state-of the –art 2nd generation internet interception and monitoring system for the law enforcement agencies to gather important intelligence data in order to restrain terrorism and other cyber crimes.





1. Service based targeting system that decodes 100% of traffic before filtering.

2. Analyze Data flowing at 10 G/sec with less than 2% packet loss

3. A single system is responsible for delivery to different Law Enforcement Monitoring Facilities.

4. Deep Packet Inspection technology

5. Privacy concerns are met by ensuring that only targets relevant data is intercepted. The interception is done on the following parameters namely –

  • E-mail ID, the mail is sent from
  • E-Mail ID, the mail is sent to
  • IP address of a Sub ISP to intercept all traffic from a suspicious network
  • The keyword content in the mail.
  • Landline Numbers of suspects

6. User Privileges and escalations attached to each officer and administrator

7. Link Analysis and Pattern matching on all captured data



  • Intelligence gathering for an entire state or a region
  • Completely indigenous developed with scalable architecture and Infrastructure
  • Data loss of less than 2%
  • Build a chain of suspect from a single start point
  • 2nd Generation interception System
  • All privacy concerns are met and maintained by the product automatically
  • Advanced link analysis and pattern matching algorithms
  • Completely Automated system
  • Data processing of up to 10 G /s
  • Automated alerts on capture of suspicious data


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