CDR Mining


Call Data Record Miner


CDRs or call data records are one of the most vital elements of any investigation. The information retrieved by analysis of a single or multiple CDRs has always helped the Law enforcement agencies in gathering intelligence.


There are many problems faced by LEAs:

  • Multiple service providers in multiple states following different formats
  • Humungous data
  • Data visualization is not present
  • Manual analysis takes a lot of time
  • Different Formats for single service providers in multiple states


To address to the multiple problems we have indigenously designed a state of the art CDR Miner application after doing a thorough research with help of multiple LEA officers.


  • Link Analysis between all uploaded CDR’s
  • Visual graphs to represent links between all distinct numbers
  • Sub Graphs to analyze a particular module, important network etc
  • Links between all incoming and outgoing in-state or out of state calls
  • Time Grid Analysis to isolate calls in a certain time duration
  • Isolated analysis of individual or group of numbers
  • The most prominent feature is Intelligence analysis with specially designed functions such as SPOF, Monitor, Inbound outbound hubs etc,
  • IMEI Analysis – identify common SIM on more than one IMEI
  • Identification of duplicate IMEI’s
  • Filter data on the basis of tower locations
  • Map route of a particular number (via tower locations) on Google maps
  • Filter all STD calls
  • Filter all ISD calls with country codes and locations
  • Filter all diverted calls, special calls etc
  • Filter all data for particular date and time
  • Pattern matching to analyze all distinct cell phone numbers
  • Pattern matching to identify a particular group from among multiple CDR’s
  • Details of sandwich calls
  • Analysis of multiple CDRs at a single time
  • Multiple layouts for better analysis
  • Cell id mapping with their respective tower locations.



  • Quickly visualize and identify the common elements and connections hidden within your data
  • Accept CDR format of all service providers in India
  • Analyze multiple views of graph for better representation.
  • Easy navigation of charts to select individual or group of cells and move appropriately
  • Pattern matching and Artificial Intelligence available for hidden patterns based on time interval and associations
  • Save the graphs for feature reference.
  • Search for a particular cell and it’s associations in the entire graph.
  • Generate reports in .pdf format
  • Multiple filters for advanced analysis
  • Ease of usage


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