Network Surveillance System


Deep Eye is a comprehensive completely indigenous Network Surveillance System which offers the IT Security team of an organization a chance to monitor the internet activities and the flow of traffic in the organization. The system enables the users to detect – 


  • Leakage of confidential information
  • Compromised or Hacked Systems
  • Internet activities of all users
Architecture Diagram
DeepEye system uses service based targeting which only targets and intercepts data on the following parameters namely –
  • E-mail ID, the mail is sent from
  • E-Mail ID, the mail is sent to
  • IP address of a Sub ISP to intercept all traffic from a suspicious network
  • The keyword content in the mail or attachment
DeepEye uses new interception standards and methods for advanced deep packet inspection IP probing solutions, to extract relevant data and deliver it to IT Security teams of the organization. The organization has the option to use other packets of the system including Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence to provide a comprehensive package.
Decodes - 


The system is capable of monitoring the following services:


Ability to decode wide range of protocols and applications in Packet switched data which includes –


  • Webmail (includes yahoo, hotmail etc) packets
  • Outlook express and other such Clients
  • Chats and other instant messenger
  • All FTP and TFTP Transfers
  • All visited websites
  • Peer to Peer networks
  • All browsed images
  • Audio and Video over IP
  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP)


Functionality - 


  1. Central Monitoring and analysis architecture
  2. Different privileges assigned to every user with escalation as and when required
  3. Perform Deep packet inspection for all internet traffic including attachments which include – 
  • Word files
  • Excel sheets
  • Presentations
  • Images
  • XML


  1. GUI available to add / delete / modify search parameters
  2. Auto distinction between relevant and irrelevant data
  3. Flexible and extensible to serve different users
  4. Automatic Integration with  decoding application
  5. All flow of data would be captured and saved for future forensics and investigation. The duration for saving the date would be decided by the organization
  6. Stand alone network surveillance system.


 Monitor -


      All mails sent and received. Track –

  • Yahoo, Hotmail, rediffmail etc
  • POP and SMTP mails
  1. All GET and POST requests
  2. Chats and instant messages
  3. All blogs and websites visited
  4. All audio and video over IP Network
  5. All files transfers (FTP and TFTP)
  6. All printed documents
  7. All suspect IP’s
  8. Identify all compromised systems and the attacking servers



Features -


DeepEye has the ability to index, search, and reconstruct all network traffic into meaningful flows, including network artifacts. In-depth packet analysis skills are not needed to uncover and replay meaningful network activities. The forensics software suite also lets you see who or what is using the most bandwidth on the network or pinpoint any anomaly. The system includes:


Report Generation

Deepeye Reports provide an easy way to identify what data is being captured by the system, what looks suspicious, and what might require further investigation


DeepEye Search

DeepEye Search provides simple web-like search capabilities so anyone can search, locate, and view actual network communications in the way they were originally delivered, eliminating the need for IT intervention. IT and business users alike can search for email threads, IM dialogue, Microsoft Word documents, browser sessions, keywords, VPN sessions, etc. and reconstruct these specific communication flows or network activities from within a complete historical record of network traffic. Results are delivered in their native format for easy recognition.



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