GSM Encryption


Our GSM Encryption Solution ensures voice confidentiality and SMS privacy so one can communicate in confidence. Phone calls between users of our solution are secured in real-time using military grade encryption (AES 256 bits). Infoserve India GSM encryption uses data channel (Internet Network) rather than the voice channel. This architecture provides the best protection against eavesdropping, wire tapping and call logging.



  • Phone calls between our GSM Encryption users are secured in real time using military grade encryption
  • The solution is designed to secure mixed environments offering voice encryption for mobile
  • Preventing man-in-the-middle attack.
  • Our Solution delivers superior call quality by efficiently using the increased bandwidth available from 3G networks.
  • Our Solution does not modify or restrict the standard telephone functionality but extends its capabilities.
  • The best protection against eavesdropping, wiretapping and call logging.


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