Tactical Portable Internet

tactical portable


The Internet has fast become a breeding ground for terrorists, criminals and other unwanted elements of society. In such a scenario it has become imperative to be in a position to intercept and monitor Internet communication for suspect IP’s.

A Tactical Internet Interception and E-Mail Tracking system is a portable system which is deployed at the ISP layer to achieve exactly that. 


Architecture at the ISP Layer






Track – 

  • All E-Mails
  • All Chat conversations
  • VOIP conversations
  • Blogs, Forums, Internet Browsing
  • Web Mails including pop and IMAP protocols
  • Video streaming and chats 


The tracking is done on the basis of – 

  • Mail ID to which mail is sent / Mail ID from which mail is received
  • IP Addresses
  • Keyword content
  • Landline Numbers of suspects
  • Connection to domain Names




  • Intercept and monitor the Internet communications between suspects
  • Completely indigenous portable solution which can be moved from one ISP to the other
  • Analyze Data flowing at 10 G/sec with less than 2% packet loss
  • Deep Packet Inspection
  • Inbuilt User privileges and escalation
  • Scalable architecture and Infrastructure
  • 2nd Generation Interception Systems
  • Keep a track of all mails coming to the state in a particular time frame
  • Keep a track of all mails going out from the state in a particular time frame
  • Keep track of all mails from suspect IP’s
  • Monitor all FTP connections


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